Cost-effective. Compact.

Multi-circuit systems

One control system, many customers

Multi-circuit systems are systems that ensure ozone production for various consumers with only one control system.

Each consumer requires its own reactor with individual power and concentration potential, which is operated and regulated by a central control system. The individual reactors are installed in commercially available control cabinets, which can be arranged individually according to structural requirements.



  • More cost-effective than single units
  • Compact design
  • Measurement technology can be shared
  • Individual circuits can be switched on or off individually
  • Shorter service times
  • Simpler data transfer to a higher-level control system
  • Easier intervention of a higher-level control system on the local control system


1. In a swimming pool, each individual bathing pool can be supplied with a certain amount and concentration of ozone with only one system.

2. in zoological gardens, several bathing pools used by animals can be fed by an ozone system with different quantities and concentrations.