Environmentally friendly. Economical. Safe.


Tailor-made complete solutions

Compressors, oxygen generators, injectors, diffusers

Injector ozone injection systems, mounted on frames ready for operation and connection.

  • Injector pump
  • Venturi injector
  • Ball valve and valves
  • Pressure gauges
  • Water seal

Piping inside the frame
Design and dimensioning according to requirements.

Pumps, fittings

Tangential static mixer

  • The tangential static mixer TSM is used for homogeneous mixing of ozonated water with water.
  • It consists of a mixing tube with welded-in mixing elements which are specially designed for effective mixing with low pressure loss.

Vent valves

Residual ozone destructors

  • For the removal of residual ozone in the exhaust air of contact and filter containers. For all ozone systems with air or oxygen as feed gas.

Gas detectors

Container solutions